4 Tips to Maintain Your Luxury Vehicle

Maintaining a luxury vehicle is a little different from maintaining a traditional one. Luxury cars are an investment and require more work upfront than traditional cars and trucks. At Horizon Auto Glass & Tint in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho, our technicians have the experience necessary to maintain the integrity of your luxury vehicle. From our technicians to you, here are four tips to consider when maintaining your luxury vehicle.

Window Tinting for Interior Care

Your luxury vehicle is likely to have upholstered seats, so to ensure they don’t fade in the sunlight, consider having the inside of your car windows tinted. Not only does window tinting offer privacy and protect the interior from UV rays, but it also helps to keep your car cool, which is essential in New Mexico, where the heat can make driving unbearable. We’re experts in window tinting services, and when you’re looking for fast, friendly, and reliable service—Horizon is the go-to for protecting your luxury vehicle.

Luxury Vehicle Exterior Care

Taking care of the outside of your luxury vehicle is just as important as looking after the inside. To maintain the value of your investment, consider having a paint protection film applied by our technicians. The XPEL Ultimate Self-Healing Protective Film allows chips and swirl marks to disappear with the application of hot water, keeping your car free from damage caused by bug stains, debris, and rocks. Defend your vehicle against these damage hazards, and let the experts in vehicle exterior care handle it.

Windshield Repair and Replacement

While you may think you can ignore a small crack or chip in your windshield, any damage to the glass, whether it’s big or small, can comprise your car’s integrity. As such, it’s important to get this damage assessed and repaired quickly. If your windshield is only chipped, this can typically be repaired without replacing the entire glass. However, if the glass has a crack in it, a replacement will be necessary. For your own safety, you should never put off fixing windshield damage—the problem won’t go away and will likely get worse. Our expert technicians will be able to diagnose and replace or repair your windshield when you stop by Horizon.

ADAS Windshield Recalibration

If you drive a luxury vehicle and you’ve had your windshield repaired or replaced, getting your Advanced Driver Assistance System (or ADAS) recalibrated is a must. Thanks to advancements in technology, more vehicles are now being built with intelligent driver-assist systems, which rely on a combination of sensors and cameras to work as intended. If, after your windshield is replaced, these cameras are not refitted accurately, this could have a big impact on the functionality of your driver-assist features, putting you and other drivers at greater risk of accidents. We’re the experts in ADAS, so stop by Horizon to have your system recalibrated today.

Use these tips to help you maintain your luxury vehicle while you’re traveling on the open roads in and around New Mexico. At Horizon Auto Glass & Tint, we’re here to help you maintain your luxury vehicle by providing excellent window replacements and repairs, paint protection services, window tinting, ADAS recalibrations, and more. Whether you’re in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, or the surrounding areas contact us to learn how we can help.