5 Reasons to Immediately Service Your Windshield

The windshield of an automobile protects occupants from outside elements and other dangers. When cracks, chips, or other types of windshield damage arises, it no longer provides the same protection and safety that drivers expect. Horizon Auto Glass & Tint are the experts in windshield repair and replacement. If you notice cracks, chips, or other windshield damage, give us a call for fast, professional windshield services. Here are five reasons to have your windshield serviced to protect yourself and others on the road.

Obstructed Vision

While a small crack or chip may not cause immediate concern, it can impair a driver’s vision, increasing the risk of an auto accident. Having your vehicle’s windshield serviced can prevent any cracks and chips from worsening and endangering you, your passengers, or anyone else on the road.  Fast windshield repair ensures your safety as well as that of other drivers.

Chips Get Bigger

A small crack may not seem like a big deal, but a chipped and cracked windshield can obstruct your view and grow in size as it spread across the windshield. Not only do larger cracks and chips cost more to fix, but if they continue to grow, it may result in the windshield needing to be replaced. Save money, time, and hassle, and call us to schedule a windshield repair.

Cracks Weaken the Integrity of the Windshield

As cracks begin to spread across a windshield, the structural integrity of the vehicle is compromised. This endangers occupants inside the car if an accident occurs, as the windshield is unable to handle the pressure of an impact. Having your windshield repaired or replaced not only allows you to see better while driving, but it also keeps your vehicle working as intended in the event of an accident.

Improper Installation

If your windshield is improperly installed this can cause a myriad of safety issues, and you should not drive a vehicle with an improperly installed windshield. Safety and protection against outside elements are possible only when a vehicle’s windshield is installed correctly. Horizon Auto Glass & Tint will properly install and ensure your windshield is up to standard.

Airbag Malfunctions

An improperly installed windshield compromises a vehicle’s integrity and may cause the airbag to malfunction. A malfunctioning airbag may deploy without warning, experience delayed deployment, or may not deploy at all during an accident, which can put you and your passengers at risk.

Your windshield is an important part of your vehicle and provides more than just protection from the elements. You won’t always need service for the windshield but when cracks, chips, or other damage exists, call the experts at Horizon Auto Glass & Tint.  We have three convenient locations in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho to service and install your windshield. We’re standing by to provide expert windshield service, so contact us today at one of our locations!