6 Surprising Reasons to Get Window Tinting on Your Vehicle

It’s an undeniable fact that window tinting makes your car look more distinctive. Darker window shades also block the view from outside, giving you more privacy when you’re in your vehicle. However, there are many other reasons to get your windows tinted. If you’re still wondering if window tinting is for you, consider these surprising perks.

Reduce Exposure to UV Rays

Light from the sun is made up of a variety of different types of energy. UV (ultraviolet light) rays are a small part of the sun’s light that hits the Earth. In small portions, exposure to UV rays can increase your body’s ability to produce Vitamin D, decrease the effects of depression and anxiety, and even alleviate discomfort from certain types of skin conditions.

The layers of atmosphere that surround the Earth naturally filter out a large part of the sunrays that are drawn towards the planet. In the deserts of New Mexico, however, the flatlands and long, hot days mean more rays can be absorbed. When the human body is exposed to too many UV rays, it can contribute to the growth of malignant tumors and damage the eyes, skin, and immune system.

For those in the Albuquerque area, window tinting provides another layer of protection against potentially harmful UV rays. The darker windows don’t allow UV waves to penetrate the glass, which means you and your passengers are less prone to sunburns and other harmful effects.

Non-Mechanical Temperature Control

Besides UV light, the intense heat of the desert sun is another big reason to choose window tinting. Darker glass also reduces the amount of heat-causing radiation that enters your vehicle. That means you can stay cooler when you’re on the road without maxing out your air conditioner.

Window tinting is a convenient alternative to folding screens and covers, as well. Instead of wasting time struggling with aluminum light blockers every time you park your car, your tinted windows provide automatic shade. In many cases, a well-tinted window provides more protection than even the most state-of-the-art vehicle screen. Since the tint is applied evenly, there are no gaps or uncovered areas to allow heat to sneak in.

Less Chance of Injury During Impact

Your windshield is an integral part of the structural integrity of your entire vehicle. In a collision or rollover, the windshield helps hold the cabin’s frame in place, thus protecting passengers from crush injuries. If your windshield shatters during the impact, however, it clearly can’t provide the additional support. That means you and your passengers could fall victim to flying glass as well as the force of the collision.

The film that is used to tint your windows uses a super-strong adhesive layer to bond it to the glass. In a crash, the adhesive will hold the glass together, which reduces shattering and helps keep the shield intact. That means your passengers are less exposed to flying shards of glass that can cause painful injuries. It also increases the chances that your windshield will stay in place in a significant accident, which could save your life in a catastrophic crash.

Supports Better Vision While You’re on the Road

Everyone knows the irritation of driving directly towards the sun. No matter how you try, it’s almost impossible to block the sunlight from your eyes using the small flaps installed over the driver’s and passenger’s seats. Even if you can, that doesn’t help passengers in the back portion of the vehicle, who are often left with no manufacturer-provided defense from the sun at all.

Window tinting dims the light coming into your car from all directions. No matter what time of day it is or what direction you’re headed in, window tinting means you won’t have to struggle with ineffective screens and shields. Without fighting the visual irritation of excessive light, you can concentrate on the road more, which lowers your chances of getting into an accident.

Keep Baby Comfortable with Ease

The Albuquerque sun can wreak havoc on those with more delicate skin. No one has more sensitive skin than babies and small children. The untreated glass acts as a magnifier for certain types of sun rays. Even with sunblock, babies and children are vulnerable to the powerful radiation that enters your vehicle through the glass. Besides uncomfortable burns and rashes, too much light makes it difficult for little ones to rest during long road trips, which can make the distance seem even longer.

Child safety screens and curtains can alleviate some of the effects of the sun. However, these accessories can also block your vision, making it more challenging to negotiate the busy Albuquerque traffic. Screens are also notoriously hard to attach at times. The desert sun dries out suction cup devices quickly, leaving them to slide out of place when you need them most. Applying a window tint keeps the baby safe, comfortable, and cool throughout your trip without compromising your field of vision.

Keep Your Car Looking Cool

A professionally applied window tinting makes any vehicle look sportier from the outside. However, the benefits can be seen on the inside as well.

Continuous exposure to the sun can break down the color and fabric in your vehicle. Over time, you may notice faded coloring, holes, and cracks in your leather upholstery. This damage makes your car look bad. Fixing the damage can be a significant burden on your budget. The application of window tinting keeps the sun off your interior, which protects it from the bleaching and degrading effects of too much sunlight.

Horizon Auto Glass and Tint: Professional Window Tinting Services in Albuquerque

With so many vital benefits, tinting your vehicle’s windows make sense for New Mexico residents. Horizon Auto Glass and Tint is your local source for high-quality, professional, and efficient automotive windshield services. We can even tint the windows of your commercial or residential buildings as well, so you can experience these perks, whether you’re on the road, at home, or working hard at the office.

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