Celebrating Veteran’s Day

With Veteran’s Day around the corner, we wanted to share a post about one of our own veterans, Gary Blair. Gary is our shop manager here at Horizon Auto Glass & Tint. Gary is a combat veteran of Desert Storm. He served from 1988 to 1992. When he came back in 1992, he suffered from undiagnosed PTSD as many Desert Storm veterans experienced.

We asked him what it means for him to be a veteran. He told us “Anyone can be a veteran, it’s not about the fact that I chose to serve in unknown conditions and someone else didn’t. It’s about the fact that I chose to serve, choosing to do what I had to for my country and do what I was called upon to do.” There is a select few that choose to fight for their country. He’s proud to have been one of those people, to have trained and fought for our freedom. He said if he was called to go back, he would. He took an oath that he will carry for the rest of his life with pride. Gary is a big part of our company and we honor him and all our veterans this Veteran’s Day. Remembering your sacrifice.