Horizon Auto Glass & Tint: Window Tint and More

Window tint technology has come a long way since architectural window coverings first began in Europe in the 18th century. Today’s innovations can cool down your vehicle, home or business, protect your skin from UV rays, and keep your dashboard or upholstery in perfect condition. Some can even keep occupants safe from smash and grabs, creating a barrier that slows access. For those who feel resistant to the change because they don’t like the dark aesthetic, there are even crystalline versions that keep the sun’s harmful rays out, but not the light. Welcome to a new era.

Your Glass, Cooler and Safer

New Mexico’s climate is unforgiving, not only for you and your family, but your pet passengers, too. Our Solar Gard series is a high performer in the industry, using advanced nanotechnology to block infrared heat without changing your view. Our Ultra Performance tint keeps out 99% of UV light, preventing your leather from drying out, your skin from aging, and your upholstery from fading. The film is guaranteed nationally for a lifetime, so your expenditure will bring returns in the form of damage reduction long after you’ve covered your bill. This product is offered in several shades, with varied visible light transmittance effects.

We also offer SunTek window films, which provide several lines with their own benefits, provide outstanding solar performance including heat rejection, UV protection, and glare reduction. They have exceptional optional clarity and increase safety and protection beyond factory glass.

Each of these lines has a range of different films with their own energy and UV protection rates. This way, we can bring a unique blend of characteristics to every one of our clients. The adhesive in your window tint is as important as its other fabrication. It must withstand the weather without impeding your driving visibility, so our choice of products is as important to your satisfaction as our workmanship. Our technicians will ensure that you choose the perfect window tint for your needs.

Windshield Replacements

Waiting to get your windshield replacement done can lead to serious accidents or law enforcement citations. We will provide you with a professional opinion on the options available to you. A small rock chip is easily repaired. Cracks and growing chips create more significant safety problems, particularly when they’re in the driver’s field of vision. Small cracks and stars evolve into bigger, more expensive ones faster than you might expect, so we’ll see to that repair straight away. Our skilled technicians will get you back on the road quickly. Our wealth of experience and AGRSS Certification assure you of premium care that comes with a lifetime workmanship warranty.

Glass Replacement and Your Insurer

Horizon Auto Glass & Tint is a preferred insurance vendor. We’ll speak to your carrier and help you to gather the information they need to process your claim. We’ll manage the billing ourselves, so you needn’t concern yourself with red tape and fine print. We’ve been working with insurers for over 25 years, so we have all the knowledge and experience needed to make your repair or tint go without a hitch. Leaving you to get back on the road safely and efficiently.

Today’s Advanced Drivers Assistance Systems (ADAS) require an entirely new layer of expertise. Your car is built to enhance safety through a system of alerts and automation. Some of your warnings rely on forward collision alerts, lane departure warning, rain sensors and rear-view mirror dimmers that can be negatively affected by a poor choice in windshield replacement. You need the blind spot monitoring and collision prevention systems in your car to keep you safe. We understand the importance of that, and while you might think of auto-glass as a universal composition, modern vehicles use a range of technologies. Windshields are often embedded with important features.

There is thus no cookie cutter solution for every replacement. You have a complex collection of rain sensors, shade bands, and night vision features, all of which require extreme expertise that’s rare in the industry. Our technicians have that level of expertise, with over two decades of experience behind them.

Accredited Service

Horizon Auto Glass & Tint is accredited by the Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standards Council, an organization that sets high safety standards for the field. We’re thus master auto glass professionals who are well-versed in all forms of auto glass replacement and glass fabrication. As an AGRSS registered company, our technicians are continually staying current with IGA, NWRA, and NGA industry updates. They’re validated in person, and support staff are randomly audited. Consistency is as important as quality, after all.

Tinting, Insurance, and the Law

A window tint can block out road glare, and protect your vehicle’s interior cabin from sun damage, so it’s popular in a city as sunny as Albuquerque. Tints won’t affect your insurance premiums directly, but they do help to dissuade vandals and preserve the value of your car. In New Mexico, non-reflective tints are legal to certain limits. Windows and film must let more than 20% of light in through the windshield and windows. SUV and vans share these requirements on the back, side and rear windows, but are unrestricted as to the darkness. Extra reflection is not permitted in sedans or SUVs.

All colors except yellow, amber, and red are legally allowed. However, if your windows are treated, you must have dual side mirrors. If you’re tinting for medical reasons, you may apply for an exemption. The laws for your window tint and replacement can be intimidating to navigate, so let our specialists guide you through them. We’ll help you to arrive at an option that serves your state laws.

The Importance of Your Windshield

Windshields are the most common insurance claim in the U.S., with edge cracks accounting for up to 80% of replacement claims. In the distant past, those claims were easily met: glass was merely glass, and there was little more than one brand of window tint. Today, your car is essentially a moving computer, so auto technicians have to be highly trained and skilled. They must have a refined understanding of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards as they relate to each window of your vehicle.

Contemporary windshields are designed to keep you safe in an accident. They must keep passengers inside the cabin and leave the roof intact. They’re also a core part of your airbag system, supporting inflation from all angles. Your choice of windshield may one day save your life.

The auto glass industry’s innovation is growing at an unprecedented rate, demanding that all service providers evolve constantly. There is no longer room for technicians who lack respect for their field. We must grow in skill with every passing trend, a task that Horizon Auto Glass & Tint takes seriously. Your safety and knowledge on the road is our greatest priority.