Importance of Auto Glass Repair in Albuquerque

While a large portion of your car consists of nuts, bolts, and sheets of metal, it is the glass in your vehicle that indeed adds functionality. Indeed, auto glass consists of your windshield, power windows, back glass, door glass, and vent glass (among others). Every piece of glass plays an important function, including protecting the inside of your vehicle and controlling changes in pressure/weather conditions.
Auto glass is as important as it is sensitive. There are many cases where glass repair will be necessary to ensure the safety, appearance, and functionality of your vehicle. Indeed, damage to your auto glass can occur in many ways.

Drivers in Albuquerque can enjoy timely, quality, and reliable repairs offered by Horizon Auto Glass & Tint. We specialize in all sorts of glass repair, from fixing windshield cracks to replacing entire auto glass surfaces.

Common causes of damaged glass

Due to the durability and usefulness of auto glass, many drivers often overlook its essential role. Indeed, it is not until a windshield or back glass becomes damaged that a driver starts to panic about repairs.

It is important for drivers in Albuquerque to anticipate common causes of auto glass damage. In this way, they can avoid these causes and seek immediate repair should their glass become damaged. Some of the most common reasons for glass damage in vehicles include:

It is not only serious accidents that can result in auto glass damage. Minor collisions with other objects and cars can cause cracks, bends, and shatter to glass components. If glass surfaces such as the windshield become bent, they can also become loose and unstable while driving. This can cause a host of safety concerns while on the road.

Also, door glass and vent glass can begin to release small chips of glass when damaged, causing a safety hazard. Drivers in Albuquerque should take their cars in for auto glass repair at Horizon after experiencing an accident.

Poor roads
Roads with loose surfaces can cause small pebbles and rocks to land on your auto glass, causing small cracks and even spider webs. On the surface, these small cracks are seemingly harmless. However, they can become a point of weakness on your glass surfaces over time. They develop stress fractures from temperature fluctuations and changes in pressure, which often results in more widespread cracks and damages to the windshield.

Temperature variations
The hot summers of Albuquerque can cause your auto glass to expand under very high temperatures. If you frequently leave your car out in the sun, your windshield and windows can eventually begin to weaken under the pressure of extreme temperatures. The glass will often expand, exerting pressure on the frame. The result is cracking and chipping.

The importance of auto glass repair

In light of all the risks that your car glass surfaces face, it is vital to ensure that they’re repaired whenever damaged. If you have a damaged glass and are procrastinating repairs, consider the following reasons why you should seek us out as soon as possible.

Improve visibility on the road
Perhaps the most important reason why you should repair your auto glass in Albuquerque is to ensure your safety while on the road. If you have a cracked windshield, you may not be able to see the road clearly, especially during inclement weather. Light from the sun may be reflected off cracks on the windshield and onto your eyes as you drive. Also, cracks on the back glass may also interfere with visibility of your rear view.

Side mirror damage also makes it more challenging for you to maneuver your vehicle along tight roads and turns. With glass repair, you can restore the safety of your car and keep your eyes on the road at all times.

Ensure proper insulation
Did you know that your auto glass plays an essential role in maintaining adequate insulation? Just imagine turning on the car A/C with a broken back window. You would lose a lot of gas merely trying to keep the vehicle cool during the hot Albuquerque summers.

With glass repair, you can ensure that all your glass surfaces are sealed and air-proof. This prevents temperature fluctuations inside the vehicle and lowers your use of the A/C.

Restore aesthetic appeal
One of the most apparent benefits of glass repair is that it makes your car look clean and attractive. Having clean and shiny auto glass surfaces will make both drivers and pedestrians turn their heads anytime you drive by. It also increases your car’s resale value because potential buyers will be attracted to the clean and polished look of your vehicle.

How glass repairs are currently done

Thanks to advancements in technology, glass repair has become more convenient and cost-effective than ever before. Nowadays, even small chips and cracks can be specifically targeted for restoration without replacing the entire glass surface.

How is this possible? Most glass used in vehicles is laminated glass (glass containing multiple surfaces). When damage occurs in one specific part of the glass, it is often the laminated layers that become damaged, leaving the frame of the glass intact.

Therefore, repairs can be done by applying a resin to the damaged surface and sealing the cracks. The adhesive works by bonding to the glass and covering up cracks and crevices. In this way, you end up with a seamless glass surface in a short amount of time.

Glass repair at Horizon Auto Glass & Tint

Drivers in Albuquerque can relax knowing that their glass repair needs are handled. Indeed, Horizon has among the best technicians in the market, and they ensure that any damaged parts of your vehicle’s glass are fixed with utmost quality.

We cover all sorts of damage, from broken glass to minor chips and cracks. Some of our services include:

Auto glass window replacement
Sometimes, replacing the entire back glass, door glass or vent glass is the way to go. Horizon uses OEM quality parts to ensure a factory replacement/installation that looks as good as new.

Auto glass repair
Damage to your auto glass can occur in many different ways. From loose road surfaces to inclement weather and vehicle conditions, the risks that your auto glass faces are many. It is essential to keep your glass in good shape by carrying out the proper repairs as necessary. Albuquerque drivers can enjoy comprehensive glass repair at Horizon. We cater to small cracks and large shattered surfaces with unparalleled expertise. Our goal is to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Glass restoration
Do you have an older vehicle with worn out windows? We can upgrade your windows to restore their glow and aesthetic appeal. Indeed, our glass restoration services will make your older model vehicle look as good as new.

RV glass repair
Albuquerque residents that own RVs can also benefit from Horizon’s glass repair. We offer a mobile service within a 30-mile radius of the city, and we can repair many forms of damage to your RV glass.

Horizon Auto Glass & Tint is your one-stop shop for everything glass. Albuquerque residents can enjoy our quality and competitively priced services. Contact us today!