Obsolete Glass Replacement & Repair

Obsolete Car Glass Replacement and Repair

Horizon Auto Glass & Tint is your one-stop auto glass and tint shop in Albuquerque for all your windshield repair, replacement and tinting needs. With an average of over 20 years experience in the auto glass industry, our professional technicians can repair or replace your cracked windshield so you get can back on the road safely and as soon as possible.

Quick and Easy Mobile Windshield and Auto Glass Repair

At Horizon Auto Glass & Tint, your safety is always our top concern. By fixing your cracked windshield, you are taking precautions to protect you and your family during a crash. When you bring in your vehicle to repair your windshield, we will:

  1. Determine whether or not we should repair or replace it. The structural integrity of your car relies on the strength of your windshield. If we feel that the crack is too large, we may recommend that you replace your windshield.
  2. Let you know if your insurance might cover the costs. Most insurance providers repair your windshield free of charge, even if you have a high deductible. We can help you determine if your insurance will cover it and even help you file a claim with your insurance carrier.
  3. Perform a repair that restores your windshield back to the factory standard. A proper windshield repair requires drilling into the damaged area and injecting premium resin into the air space created by the damage. We use only high quality resin and cure it properly so that the integrity of your windshield is restored. As an added benefit, most repairs look significantly better after the repair as well.
  4. Provide you a nationwide warranty. We are a member of the PGW Prostars Network. This allows us to provide you a warranty both in New Mexico and out of state. So support your local auto glass company without sacrificing comprehensive nationwide warranty coverage.

Built on Referrals

Our teams brings exceptional service, high quality, and expert knowledge to each vehicle that comes through our doors. Don’t let a chip or cracked glass ruin your travels. Contact us and we will have you back on the road in no time!

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