Paint Protection Benefits

Paint Protection Film Benefits

You leave your car open to vulnerabilities every time it’s on the road. Just by driving to work, your paint is getting damaged little by little by rocks chipping the paint on the front end of your car. Paint Protection Film is a clear film laid over the painted areas on your vehicle. You won’t even notice the film once it’s applied, but it will be preserving your paint from paint chips, bug stains and debris for years to come.

Prevent Damage With Paint Protection Film

At Horizon Auto Glass & Tint, we use XPEL Ultimate Paint Protection Film.  With its cutting-edge advances in self-healing protective qualities, it is our product of choice and our customers agree. XPEL is known for:

  • Self-healing properties. Over time, XPEL Ultimate Paint Protection Film “self-heals”, meaning that it slowly eliminates light scratches and swirls that occur from car washing or debris.  This process can also be expedited instantly with the use of hot water. This is a unique property of this product.
  • Ability to wrap your entire car. Unlike a clear bra that only covers the front end of the car, XPEL can protect your paint job front to back, from the entire hood or roof to headlights, bumpers and mirrors.
  • Customizable options. Depending on your year, make and model, customizable patterns are available to cover as much or as little of your vehicle that you would like.  We can set up a consultation at our shop to go over our numerous options.

Having clear bra paint protection film on your car can preserve the brilliant color of your vehicle for years to come.  It’s like driving a new car every day! 

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