Paint Protection Film Warranty

Horizon Auto Glass & Tint offers superior car paint protection. Commonly referred to as a clear car bra, our paint protection film does more than protect the front end of your car—it can wrap your entire vehicle to provide superior protection for bumpers, grilles, mirrors, running boards, headlights and more!  No more paint chips from rocks or debris, your investment will be protected.

We use XPEL Ultimate Self-Healing Protective Film for all of our clear car bra applications because simply it’s the best and the industry leader. Some of the things we love about this product include:

  • Clarity—XPEL Ultimate resists staining. Due to its low surface energy, organic compounds known to cause yellowing simply don’t stick to the protective film. The result is a beautiful, clear finish that preserves the original paint of your vehicle for years.
  • Durability—XPEL Ultimate is designed to last for many years when properly cared for. It is backed by a 10-year warranty which is the longest warranty in the paint protection film industry.
  • Self-Healing Ability—XPEL Ultimate is the industry leader because of its self-healing properties.  Through the simple use of warm water, minor scratches, dings and swirl marks are repaired and the film is restored.
  • Customizable—XPEL Ultimate can be customized to cover as little or as much of your car as you’d like. Depending on the year, make and model of your vehicle, we can discuss the options available to you.  We have patterns for your specific vehicle and the possibilities are endless!

Car Paint Protection Film in Albuquerque, NM and Surrounding Areas

When you invest in automobile paint protection, you preserve the value and appearance of your car and your investment. Stains from insects/dirt, scratches and chips from smaller rocks and debris on the road, corrosion and rust will no longer be a problem. Horizon Auto Glass & Tint ensures that you get the best protection for your vehicle.

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Our teams brings exceptional service, high quality, and expert knowledge to each vehicle that comes through our doors. Don’t let a chip or cracked glass ruin your travels. Contact us and we will have you back on the road in no time!

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