Quality Is the Mantra at Horizon Auto Glass and Tint

Our workforce believes that every auto glass deserves some love. We hold our customer’s needs as a priority and are always ready to offer a tailor-made service to meet them. While we have been doing business since 2001 in Albuquerque, NM, we have managed to build a workforce of experienced professionals over the years.
Our services include:

Auto Glass Tinting
We believe that everyone deserves the privacy that auto glass tint provides. Other than reducing the level of intrusion to our customer’s privacy while in their cars, our tint films are strong enough to improve the tenacity of any auto glass.

Additionally, they help reduce the chances of burglary since it will be not only tough to break into a vehicle, but also challenging to identify the contents of the vehicle. We ensure that all our films are well installed, and our customers can always rely on our nationwide lifetime guarantee. They can also get best practices on how to take care of their auto glass tint once installed.

Auto Glass Repair
Accidents do happen, and windscreens might get smashed, or cracks might form. However, the faster that our customers can get to our repair shop, the easier it will be to help them. If allowed to fester, a small crack on the windshield can turn into a significant problem. We repair anything in the line of:

• Chipped glass
• Scratched glass
• Cracked glass

Our staff will carefully examine your vehicle’s windshield and determine the best window repair option. In case the better option is windshield replacement, we can always offer this. We have industrials experience in dealing with different types of auto glass, including those meant for ADAS (advanced driver assist systems). At Horizon Auto Glass and Tint, our priority is to put a smile on every customer’s face by giving them value for their money.

What Makes Us Different?

Industrial Expertise
All of our staff members have enough experience in their field. Most have been working in the auto glass industry for more than 20 years. We aim to ensure that our customers’ auto glass is always treated with the respect it deserves. Our crew understands that quality glass means more safety on the road for the customer, and our priority is to keep customers safe. We are also AGRSS (Auto Glass Repair Safety Standards) certified, and always offer auto glass repair services in line with these guidelines.

Quality Services
We preach attention to detail through our services. The team at Horizon Auto Glass and Tint will not stop until the needs of our clients’ needs are met. On the other hand, we also use state of the art glass and tint films to attend to our customers’ vehicles. Our glass is tested to ensure that it will be fit for use on the road. We also continuously update our quality standards to match the ever-changing quality needs in Albuquerque, NM, and the entire country.

National Wide Lifetime Warranty
We believe that customers should feel that they have gotten the best services from us as they leave our premises. As such, we offer a lifetime warranty for our tint films. The goal is for our customers never to have to experience issues with our auto tint films.

On the other hand, we also offer a lifetime workmanship warranty for our glass. In case of any rare error committed by our team in the repairmen process, you can always rely on us to correct it free of charge. This warranty serves as a guarantee of the value we offer through our services.

We Are Ever Available
Our main office is in Albuquerque, NM, but our warranty is nationwide. Customers can always rely on us to be on their beck and call in times of need. Have an emergency repair? Feel free to visit our repair shop. We believe that the earlier repairs are made, the better.

However, some auto glass issues might bar customers from driving to our shop. For instance, it might be unsafe to drive with a completely smashed windscreen. Lucky for our customers, we also offer mobile window repair services. Contact us, and we will come to you to solve your auto glass issues.

Preferred By Major Insurance Companies
Over the years, we have had transactions with major insurance companies and earned their trust. We have managed to maintain a good record, which has increased our reliability. We also accept working with most major insurers, and can always open enough to accommodate our customer’s financial situations.

We Are With You All The Way
We believe the customer is always right. In case a customer has an issue with their current glass or service offered, we are open to working to solve it with them. Our team is also always ready to take the customers through the nitty-gritty details of the window repair and auto glass tint process.

We offer tips on how to maintain your auto glass in tip-top shape. In case you have other unidentified auto glass issues, our team will always be willing to point it out. We wouldn’t want to have a customer leaving small issues festering into major ones. Ideally, your satisfaction is our joy here at Horizon Auto Glass and Tint.

Timely Repairs
We interact with customers from all walks of life. They can range from CEOs to students; all who need to use their car on a day to day basis. As a result, we try to fit our services into their schedules.

Once a customer brings in their vehicle for repairs, we give it a priority and try to complete it in a timely fashion without sacrificing quality. In case an auto glass issue might need more time to solve, we will always tell our customers.

Competitive Pricing
We believe the customers should get the most value for their money. Sadly, some customers rely on price alone as their deciding factor when looking for window repair services. Customers need to understand the quality of the glass and tint film, the customer service they get, the guarantee, and the reliability of the business they choose.

We are always ready to offer state of the art services at competitive prices that accommodate your situation. On top of that; you get to enjoy working with an experienced team of experts with a history of being reliable.

We Service Any Vehicle
With years of experience on their shoulders, the Horizon Auto Glass and Tint team of experts has managed to service all types of vehicles. We can solve window repair issues for cars that range from trucks to saloons. Our staff understands that different vehicles need different levels of commitment and are always ready to exert the necessary effort.

In case you also have a fleet of vehicles that needs our services, feel free to call us. We can efficiently work out a schedule for fixing such issues. In return, you can rely on our warranty as a guarantee that you will get the best bargain for your money.

Quality should always be the mantra when getting auto glass services, whether you are seeking window repair or tint film installations. Lucky for you, working with us will guarantee you state of the art services and long-term experience from the services. Feel free to work with us to get the best value for your cash.