Quality Window Tinting in Albuquerque, NM

Finding quality window service in Albuquerque is easier than ever when you trust the friendly professionals at Horizon Auto Glass & Tint. We have highly trained technicians who use the latest methods and products to ensure that you get all the benefits that come with tinting your auto windows. Whether you are considering tinting a new vehicle or replacing worn or damaged tinting already in place, you can expect superior service because we stand behind on all our work. Let us give you the products and service you need without cutting corners on products and workmanship. Keep the following in mind when considering our window tinting services.

We Don’t Sacrifice Quality

We might not have the lowest price on window tinting in the area, but we are committed to providing top services that are competitively priced. We don’t cut corners or use less than top quality products. We are fully trained to tint on all the different types of vehicle applications and can give you the results you expect from one of the top tint providers in the industry.

We Provide Tint That Can Increase Safety

One point that you may not realize is that window tint isn’t just for looks, it is also a great way to reduce glare from light sources such as the sun, which can impede your vision and pose dangers while you drive. The right type of tint can minimize this issue and can also help prevent glare from other lights and object during the night or day.

Another way in which window tint can add a layer of safety to your vehicle is by preventing would be criminals from seeing personal belonging stored within your vehicle. You can get additional peace of mind knowing that you are doing extra to keep your car and valuable safe no matter where you park.

Protect the Interior of Your Vehicle

The harsh Albuquerque sun can wreak havoc on the interior of a vehicle over time. The best way to help prevent UV damage to your interior is by having Horizon Auto Glass & Tint apply a lasting, quality tint to your vehicle. Your upholstery will last many times longer and will help keep it looking new much longer. Window tinting will also keep your dash and interior trim looking new and help prevent cracking and peeling over time. If you are serious about maintaining the look and functionality of your vehicles’ interior, you should consider our professional window tinting services in Albuquerque.

Reduce Heat Inside Your Vehicle

Not only does our tint help preserve your interior, but it can also help you keep the temperature in your vehicle lower during the hot weather months. That can be especially important for people who live in warm climates like the New Mexico area. You can enjoy a more comfortable ride while you are on the road which makes commuting more pleasant. It can also help reduce heat related damage to items you store in your vehicle throughout the year. This can be a cost saver in the long run.

More Reasons to Choose Horizon Auto Glass & Tint

We have already covered the increased level of safety you will have while driving or even parked day or night, and we have also outlined how you can keep your vehicle looking newer, longer with our top quality service and window tinting products, but there are even more reasons to choose us!

• Nationwide warranty
You can not only get additional peace of mind with our high-quality window tinting, but you can also get an additional layer of protection with our nationwide warranty.

• Local friendly services
We put the needs of our customers first, which is why we strive to provide you with fast, friendly, quality glass and tinting services for people who live in and around the Albuquerque area. If you have issues, just let us know and we’ll work with you to make it right.

• Quality Films authorized dealer
We work hard to provide you with the best products and services available on the market, which is why we are proud to be a Quality Films authorized dealer.

• Superior installation
We will provide your vehicle with superior window tinting installation services in our particle free environment.

• Vehicle delivery and pickup
We offer vehicle pickup and delivery services to make window tinting easy and hassle free.

• Custom tinting
We can provide you with custom tinting for your windows to help you achieve the look and style you want. Simply let our professionals know what your goal is, and we can help make it happen.

There are plenty of reasons to have window tinting applied to your vehicle. Whether it’s for the aesthetic or the practical benefits that window tinting provides to vehicle owners, you should make an appointment today.

Contact Us for Answers to Questions And Estimates

If you still have questions concerning the window tinting process and its benefits, feel free to call us or stop by our Albuquerque location and speak to one of our knowledgeable and friendly staff. They will gladly provide you with details and solutions to your current needs. If you would like an estimate for services, we can also provide you with that information.

Get all the benefits of tinting from a business that has a reputation for quality and service in the area. We look forward to providing you with all your auto glass and tinting needs.