Repair vs. Replacement: Which Does Your Windshield Need?

Image of a cracked window

If you have a crack in your windshield, what should you do? Driving a vehicle with a damaged windshield can be very dangerous. Small chips can become large cracks that obscure vision and weaken a vehicle’s structural integrity, putting you and your passengers at risk on the road. No matter how small the damage, a compromised windshield needs to be repaired or replaced. When making the decision to replace or repair a windshield, it’s important to understand what factors are involved. Our professional windshield technicians guide you through whether to repair or replace your cracked windshield. 

Reasons to Repair or Replace a Chipped Windshield 

Although they often start out as tiny nuisances, chips in your windshield can quickly expand into larger cracks and can weaken the integrity of your vehicle. Windshield chips pose a hazard to the driver, passengers, and other drivers on the road, with some larger cracks even obstructing the view of the driver. It is therefore essential that you address any cracks in your vehicle’s windshield as soon as they appear. 

Chips Get Bigger

A small crack may not seem like a big deal, but a chipped and cracked windshield can obstruct your view and grow in size as it spread across the windshield. Not only do larger cracks and chips cost more to fix, but if they continue to grow, it may result in the windshield needing to be replaced. Save money, time, and hassle, and call us to schedule a windshield repair.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Chipped Windshield? 

Whether your chipped windshield requires a repair or replacement depends on the location and size of the damage. Our professionals at Horizon Auto Glass & Tint will be able to determine the most suitable course of action for your damaged windshield, the following factors are generally taken into account: 

  • Location of the chip 
  • Size of the chip 
  • Chips on the interior of the windscreen require a full replacement 
  • Chips that are embedded through both layers of windshield glass require a replacement 
  • Incorrectly installed windshields can cause frequent chips and need immediate replacement 

Albuquerque’s Trusted Windshield Repair and Replacement Professionals 

A reputable installer will ensure that your windshield is installed and maintained properly. A damaged windshield will need a replacement by experienced professionals, as incorrectly replacing or repairing windshields can cause danger, not only to you and your passengers but to other people on the road as well. Horizon Auto Glass & Tint is Albuquerque’s trusted auto glass repair and replacement shop. We’ve proudly served our community for over 20 years and will ensure your windshield is properly installed and taken care of. Your safety is our number one priority. Contact us today to get started.