What You Need to Know About Auto Window Repairs

Auto glass is an essential component of a vehicle. It is necessary to keep all the auto glass parts of a car in good condition including the windows. It is, therefore, essential to take cracked windows to an auto shop for window repairs. Vehicle windows are not made the same as the windshield. The windshield of a car is well protected by a rubber film. Secondly, the windshield consists of two thin sheets of glass held together by an adhesive. This reinforcement makes the windshield strong and able to withstand environmental accidents.
The windows of the car are made of glass which is not reinforced. Rocks, pebbles, and twigs can easily crack them. The cracks can grow larger fast because the window glass is not strengthened. It is therefore vital to repair rock chips and cracks as soon as possible.

How do you go about window repairs?

You should always inspect your car daily and evaluate its condition. The moment you notice cracks or rock chips on your windows you should visit an auto glass shop. At Horizon Auto Glass & Tint in Albuquerque offers window repair services. The first step of the window repair services is inspecting the affected windows. The inspection is meant to determine the extent of the damage and the right course of action. You may be advised to replace the window if it is too damaged.

If the damage is repairable, then our technicians will give a quote for the cost. You can be scheduled immediately for the window repairs. The quoted price includes the cost of window film replacement for tinted windows.

What exactly will our technician do?

Our technicians will work on your car windows on the scheduled day. Minor repairs take less than 1 hour to complete the repairs. Horizon Auto Glass & Tint is a certified dealer in quality auto glass and other auto glass products. You can be assured they the cleaning products, adhesives and window films are durable and the industry recommended products. The area of the window being repaired will be cleaned thoroughly to remove any particles or dirt.

The next step is filling the cracks with a special adhesive made from a unique resin. The adhesive acts as an agent that holds the cracked pieces together. The adhesive also fills in the space between the cracks. Once the cracks are filled in you can press the area and let the adhesive to cure. When the adhesive is cured, our technicians will install the window films for tinted cars. When our technicians are done with your windows, the cracks will barely be noticeable.

Do you have to be present for the repairs?

You do not have to be present for the window repair service. There is a shuttle that can take you to a nearby mall in Albuquerque. You can spend time at the mall shopping or enjoy a movie or go to the salon. Horizon Auto Glass & Tint offers mobile services for window repair within a 30-mile radius. This means we can do your repairs at your most convenient time in a convenient location. We understand that you are busy but need to have your cracked windows to be repaired.

Why should you hire us?

1. We care about your safety
Your safety and that of your family is a priority to us. Cracking windows can pose several dangers to you and your family. The window can entirely break and cause injuries to your body or your family. Cracked window glass can attract burglars to your car as it seems like an easy target. You can lose your valuables and end up replacing a broken window. The cracks in the windows can let in cold air and make the driver or passenger sick after long drives. Replacing a car window is more expensive than window repairs. The simplest solution to all this is doing window repairs as soon as the cracks appear.

2. Superior Expertise
At Horizon Auto Glass & Tint we pride ourselves for having a well-experienced team of experts. These experts have dealt with complicated and straightforward window repairs during their working experience. Our staff can handle the most complex maintenance like the pros they are. Our clients are satisfied with our workmanship and given us wonderful reviews. It is from our satisfied clients that we get the business referral to new clients and business sources. Horizon Auto Glass & Tint is dedicated to ensuring that our workforce is well trained and up to date with the latest industry trends and standards.

3. Quality Products
In case window repairs are not suitable for your car, we can replace the window. We have authorized auto glass dealers for high-quality auto glass. We prefer premium auto glass that is durable and comes with a warranty.

4. Professionalism
Our customer service is the highest standard in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We endeavor to listen to your needs and figure out a solution for all your auto glass needs. Our clients are the most valuable assets in our business. Our technicians take the utmost care of our clients’ cars. We would like to have our clients drive their cars away in better condition than the car came in.

5. Preferred insurance vendor
We are experts in helping our clients fill in the insurance claims. We aim to make the process of claiming insurance payments for window repairs and replacements hassle free. You do not have to be stressed about your insurance paying for your window repairs or replacements. Let us do the work for you. We can fill in the forms, contact the insurance provided, get a claim number and start working on your window repairs or replacements.

6. Certified Auto Shop
Horizon Auto Glass & Tint has ensured that our technicians get the industry standard certifications. We understand that the auto glass is changing at a fast pace as more technology has been integrated into vehicles. We like to ensure that our technicians are capable of performing auto glass repairs on newer car models without damaging the electronic applications or mechanisms attached to the window. We feel confident offering a lifetime warranty for our services because we have a capable workforce.

At Horizon Glass Auto & Tint in Albuquerque, New Mexico you can find whatever auto glass solutions you are looking for. We can offer our mobile services for repairs within our Albuquerque shop at your convenience. We also provide other services like window tinting, windshield repairs and replacement, window repairs and window replacements. We have qualified staff with a combined experience of 200 years. If you are looking for auto glass services in Albuquerque, you can contact us for further information. You can also get a quote for your window repairs or other auto glass services.