When a Rock Strikes, Strike Back

You’re driving down the road listening to the radio when all of a sudden, smack, a rock comes flying at your vehicle leaving a chip in your windshield.

Now what do you do?

First, here are a few things you need to know about rock chips:

They can be repaired successfully 99% of the time and it may even make the crack a little more bearable to look at. If they don’t get repaired right away they can become a bigger chip or crack, especially with cold weather, resulting in having to pay for a complete replacement. The sooner you get it repaired, the greater the success rate and cosmetic appearance. The longer the chip or crack is there, the more debris and water settles into the damaged area and the more expansion and contraction will occur.

Second, Horizon Auto Glass & Tint is here to help.

Most insurance providers, such as, Farmers, USAA, Hartford, Geico, Progressive, or Allstate offer free rock chip repairs for their valued policyholders. We can facilitate this process easily with you. If your insurance company will not be involved, rock chip repairs start at $29.95 (in-shop only).

We offer 90-days of free rock chip repairs to our customers with every new windshield replacement we provide. Any amount you pay us for a rock chip will be completely refunded back to you should you opt for a windshield replacement by us in the future (assuming no other damage has occurred).

In summary, it may be today, it may be tomorrow, eventually that chip or crack will spread, but you’ve got nothing to lose to try and huge savings to gain.

Please stop by or call us to schedule an appointment to get your rock chip repaired today.