Window Repair in Albuquerque

Glass breakage on your vehicle is never convenient and many times very traumatic if vandalism, theft or extreme weather is involved. It’s not just glass breakage either but you may also experience door, side or back glass mechanical failures. The modern age and convenience of having electric windows that roll up and down also come with the burden of motors, regulators or cables inside the panel that can fail. This can be caused by impact or just wear-and-tear of the electrical components that are meant to roll your window up and down, defrost your back glass or even provide the antenna for your GPS or radio.

We understand the need to get these repairs done right away for you so that you can feel safe and get back on the road quickly with all glass functions restored. Our staff can get you scheduled right away, help file your insurance claim if needed and handle any kind of window repair in Albuquerque, NM. And don’t forget, we are a full-service tint shop as well, so we can retint the broken glass or add new tint to your vehicle as well!

Why you Need Immediate Window Repair

Driving around with a broken car window can be scary and unsafe. We recommend getting it taken care of right away for the following reasons:

Safety risk: A badly cracked window or windshield can be a safety hazard as it may impair your vision, expose your vehicle and its belongings and be a possible structural compromise. If you can’t see properly through a broken windshield, this can put you and other road users at risk of an accident as well.

Security risk: A broken or malfunctioning window exposes your car and your belongings to theft. Exposure to weather elements: A broken car window puts your vehicle at the mercy of our unpredictable New Mexico weather which can range from wind, blowing dust, hail, monsoons and snow.

Traffic citation: We do have numerous customers who receive warnings from local law enforcement for broken windshields. It is a traffic law here in Albuquerque and most cities across the country that your windshield does not have any breakage so that your vision is never impaired while driving, not only for your safety but for the safety of others.

While car window repair is always a hassle, we understand it’s urgency for you as our customer and want to get you taken care of as soon as possible. Horizon Auto Glass & Tint can get your car window(s) fixed quickly so you can get back on the road safely and comfortably.

Common Problems that Require Window Repair

In the many years we have provided window repair services, we have encountered different car window problems, including:

1. Chipped, Cracked, or Broken Windows
Car window chips, cracks and breakage are some of the most common problems that car owners face. Some windows or windshields don’t usually show any immediate signs of a crack or chip, but after a few days, the chip or crack may become big enough to distort the driver’s view or cause the glass to fail or “pop” into a million pieces. You’re always welcome to just stop by one of our locations if you’re not sure if your glass is ok. Many times, our customers heard their glass get hit by something, but they never saw any impact because it was difficult to see. Then they wake up the next morning to a completely broken car window. This makes it important for you to have the window checked or repaired as soon as possible. Why do car windows get chips and cracks? Here’s a list of causes of window chips and cracks:

Temperature changes: Auto glass is made to expand and contract with changes in temperature. If the interior of your car is cool and the air outside is hot, the glass adjusts. Extreme temperature changes will change the size and appearance of chips and cracks, these changes may be minor, but they also may completely break the whole car window.

Direct sunlight: Intense heat from the sun has the potential of fracturing auto glass. Many studies have shown sunroofs to be the most prone to heat buildup. While this is rare, certainly parking under a shade or placing a sun shade inside your car will help to prevent this from happening. Adverse weather: Our weather in New Mexico can be extreme at times. Thunderstorms and monsoons can cause hail and send debris flying hitting auto glass and creating cracks and chips. Certainly, if bad weather could be predicted it would allow us to park our car in a garage or covered area, but unfortunately that isn’t always the case.

Road debris and stones: In general, your car’s auto glass is at a high risk of cracking from road debris while driving, but it increases exponentially if you drive on a road that is under construction. Loose gravel, work trucks and congested traffic in these areas contribute to broken windshields and car windows. We advise our customers using such roads to drive at low speeds.

Direct impact: When car accidents occur, auto glass may get cracked or shattered depending on the severity of the crash. Besides crashes, customers have had impact to their auto glass from animals on the road, flying birds and objects falling off other vehicles. With auto glass, you just never know.

Keep in mind that even the tiniest crack can quickly expand. Before you know it, you will end up spending a lot more on window repair or you may have to replace the entire window. So, call us or stop by if you’re concerned but you’re not sure, we’d be happy to check your windshield or car window and see if you incurred any damage.

2. Window Regulator Problems
Inside your door panel, there are electrical parts that move your car window up and down. One of the major components is known as the window regulator. In the case of power windows, the window regulator usually derives its power from an electric motor, also known as the window motor. Window regulator problems are quite common. The following are the top causes of regulator-related problems:

Sudden Impact: When the window regulator cable breaks, the window may jam or even fall inside the door. This can happen when your door glass is broken with an extreme impact and shards of glass sever the cable inside your door.

Aging: Regulators typically go out just from the age of the vehicle and the number of times the door glass has been rolled up and down over the years of ownership.

Signs that your Window Regulator has Problems

  • Window falling inside the car door
  • Window making an abnormal noise when moving up or down
  • Window rising slowly, doesn’t close fully or jams
  • Window sliding up or down crooked
  • Window fails to move up or down while other windows work
  • Window motor runs but the window fails to move

When such problems arise, some car owners take matters into their own hands and try to rectify the problem. It is, however, advisable to seek professional help from our staff at Horizon Auto Glass & Tint, a reliable auto shop that provides car window repair locally here in Albuquerque, NM. When our customers come to us with these types of issues, our technicians will perform a proper diagnosis and advise you on the best repair option. At times, replacement of some parts may be the most ideal option.

When to Seek Window Repair

At times, you may do your absolute best to safeguard your car windows to prevent them from chipping, cracking, breaking, or from having regulator problems. Nevertheless, it’s things outside of our control typically that cause glass breakage or inoperability. Don’t worry, let Horizon Auto Glass & Tint be your shop of choice to get your window repair done right away, with a nationwide warranty and peace of mind that your vehicle will be in great hands.

It is also recommended that you always examine your windows after driving on the motorway, most especially if you have encountered loose rocks and debris on the way. Once you spot chips or cracks, be sure to visit us immediately to prevent the small chips or cracks from becoming bigger and cost you more to repair or replace later.

We are experts when it comes to car window repair in Albuquerque and our team of auto glass technicians and customer service staff will offer you the best advice and service to make sure that you get the most suitable and cost-effective type of window repair. In case the damage is too extensive, and you need a replacement, we are always competitively priced with a full nationwide workmanship warranty, so you don’t have to pay more than you need to. Get in touch with us today to find out more.